School Management Software , School Management Information System



Help you to stay connected and provides a space for your own page where all your details will be stored and can be accessed from any web based device anywhere, anytime. It will help you to manage all your school activities, operations and improve your performance everyday. This gives your education an edge by providing you a correct path to walk on.


Parents module is designed for handling the activities of their child. It's an interactive interface with web enabled feature and can keep parents informed of school information, meeting agenda and facilitates knowledge sharing which are crucial for students progress. This helps the staff to address each individual's parents personally which adds to their satisfaction and thus strengthens their relationship.


Take advantage of real-time visibility into student data and classroom, as well as the school's performance, to proactively address potential issues before they become problems. Gives your students a 360 view at hand so that you can respond quickly when parents or others contact you. It optimizes your work and measures success by providing you an efficient way to realize your student's potential.


With Entrar, you can help your institution to grow and transform your educational institution. Its compresses time to insight and action, thus helping you in make a smarter decision faster. It provides foundation tools and capabilities that you need to quickly and cost effectively streamline the way you communicate with your school community and manage information thus improving on the operational efficiency.