Advancements in technology and connectivity has enabled online learning to become reliable, engaging and interactive. However, despite these advancements, most students are still burdened with attending tuitions while parents are worried about their safe return. Students also do not get time to come home and pursue their hobbies, meet friends or go out for games.

Entrar e Learning addresses these issues by enabling students to be responsible for their own learning and to learn at their own pace anytime, anywhere and on any device. The platform can be accessed through the app, which can be downloaded from the AppStore or the PlayStore. Once downloaded, the student can sign in with the provided login information and start learning.

How are we different from other online learning solutions?

Entrare-Learning aims to help students practice revise and prepare for tests in a fun, competitive and engaging way. We are in sync with the school syllabus and class lesson plan for the academic year, hence the student will be able to to revise the topic which was taught in class that same day, thus helping the students to better understand and familiarise themselves with the topic. Questions comprise both objective and subjective questions and are curated by a panel of subject experts who ensure that questions adhere to certain norms.

We also recognise the importance of the student teacher relationship. We do not provide a substitute teacher on the platform but only facilitate the learning process of the students, thereby preserving and strengthening the basic concepts imparted by the teacher to the student. This ensures that there is no alteration in the student’s understanding and no confusion in perception of different concepts.

As part of the learning experience, the platform employs gamification, which makes learning competitive. Students can challenge one another during tests and as difficulty levels increase. Top performers will get their names of the Wall of Fame as well as earn points, which can be redeemed for exciting rewards.