Everyday a child steps out on a journey of learning, of discovery, of exploration, of creation. A journey that spans almost two decades of building the academic foundation and in fact the foundation of a Nation. At Entrar, this journey is what inspires us, what keeps us awake, so that this engine of learning goes on forever. We are the tech backbone of the education ecosystem that integrates all functions seamlessly and ensure that the journey of learning continues smoothly.
Entrar, an integrated platform is all you need to manage your institution end to end. Comprehensive, Modular, Customizable, Reliable, Secure and well supported, it is the backbone of your institution.


Whether you are a School, College or a University we have the most comprehensive and integrated platform that synchronizes Admissions, Academics, Administration, and even Alumni. If you need a specific technology solution like campus security, or fleet management, we have it all.

A single platform that Comprehensively Integrates all the Functions, Tasks, Roles and Departments across

And seamlessly brings together all the stakeholders

Entrar Edge



Fast and Easy to Install

User Friendly Interface

Real Time Data

Cloud Based

24/7 Support

Zero Maintenance


99.9% Uptime

Highly Secure

Fast Data Migration

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