Entrar Tracking

In today’s connected world, it is very easy to keep track of anything. In schools, tracking of students and school buses is vital due to the unfortunate events that have happened in recent years. In order to solve this problem Entrar Tracking was created which is our advanced real time tracking solution for students and school buses. Through the app, parents and school authorities can keep track of school buses right from the time they leave the school gate to when they return to school. Parents receive SMS alerts when the school bus begins its journey as well as during pickup and drop of their child along with time and location information. Additionally, parents and school administrators are also notified via SMS alerts in case of any blockage, delay or emergency enroute.

Students can be tracked through their RFID enabled ID cards which will be provided by Entrar. When the student boards a particular bus, his/her card is scanned by the bus staff and an alert is sent to the parents stating that the child has boarded the bus. During drop, the ID card is again scanned and an alert is sent to the parent stating that the child has deboarded the bus. Parents can also view driver details on the app. School administrators and parents will also be notified if a student has boarded another bus which he/she does not regularly board.