Entrar Live Classes

The Covid 19 pandemic paved the way for live classes. Due to school closures for the safety of all, teachers and students can continue to learn online. Entrar Live Classes brings the classroom experience and discipline online. Live classes can be accessed through the browser. The main aim of Entar Live Classes is to ensure high quality audio and video to all users without affecting bandwidth, thus ensuring an uninterrupted learning experience.

The student will receive an alert which includes the time and topic of which will be covered during the online class. All the student needs to do is to log on to entrar.in and join the classroom. There is no need for any meeting ID or specific login credentials. The teacher who is the moderator of the class can see the names of all the students who have joined the class. In order to minimize cross talk amongst students, noise and other distractions, a student audio will only be activated once the teacher gives him permission after the student raises his hand. There can be only one individual speaking at a particular time, which eliminates cross talk. In case students leave the class, teachers will be notified with the name of the student along with the login and log out timings. To further enforce punctuality to class, the parents will also receive an alert each time an online class has been scheduled.

The program allows the teacher to share her computer screen with the students, which may include powerpoint presentations, excel sheets or any other program. For subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Computer Science where boardwork is essential, teachers will be able to connect a touchscreen capable device and show the required boardwork which will be displayed to the students. Additionally, other programs have been integrated into Entrar Live Classes to make it easier for teachers to teach complex concepts while making it engaging for students.

Entrar Live Classes has been built keeping in mind the safety, privacy and security of our users. All live classes run on our secure network, which meets recommended security standards and protocols, thereby assuring our users of our commitment to safety and security.