entrar logo is an edtech initiative of Skoodle Learning Private Limited, an Indian Information Technology Services and Consulting Company that provides innovative digital solutions using emerging technologies to bridge the digital gaps and make a positive impact on human life and businesses.
Skoodle Learning, headquartered in Bangalore, founded & managed by a team of professionals having varied experience in the field of Academics, Technology and Management, provides products/services in India and outside India.
We as an organization consistently strive to develop and offer industry-specific ERP solutions. The company through its effective teamwork uses an agile Customer Centric Approach to create synergy among those involved in the ecosystem.

Entrar was designed to make the good old school ecosystem to be seamlessly integrated in every possible way by bringing together every stakeholder in an educational institution, be it Students, Teachers, Parents, Administrative staff and the Management, on a common platform.
Because technology is meant to enable a positive impact on human interaction, resulting in better efficiency, higher productivity and in the end foster a stronger teacher student bond in both the offline and online worlds.

Mohammad Javed, Founder & Managing Director