About Us

Entrar is an Edtech solutions company that provides innovative digital solutions using emerging technologies to bridge the digital gaps and make a positive impact on human life and businesses.

We believe that for technology to bring change, improve life, progress organizations, and offer relevant solutions it needs to be centered around a deep understanding of human to human interaction. Be sensitive to changing present day socio cultural dynamics while being the wings of imagination for innovators and leaders shaping the future. Education is the foundation of our society and steers the future of nations. Our mission is to be an integral part of the learning journey of students, teachers, parents and educationists and impact the outcome in a positive manner.

At Entrar over the past decade we have made robust the ERP backbone of educational institutions by working closely with our partners. We continue to push the limit by evolving the ERP with more advanced technologies, superior user experience and developing new functionalities proactively. Just like our platform which is integrated, we endeavor to seamlessly connect and make human to human exchange smooth, joyous and free to innovate.


We are a multidisciplinary cross functional team of dedicated and passionate individuals drawn from technology, marketing, design, finance, education and business operations. Guided by the core values of solution orientation, committed service, innovation and partnership.

Our Edge

We are agile, process and solution orientated. We at Entrar understand that while institutions have a common goal to impact learning outcomes positively, they operate in their own unique ways. Our backbone is flexible and adaptable to the requirements of the institution. We work closely to maximize the platform in partnership with the educational institution, making Entrar customizable.



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99.9% Uptime

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