Our experience for over a decade with education partners has helped in understanding the functioning of educational institutions intimately. While there are several commonalities, the difference in managing the academics and administration processes is where the difference lies. The need for customization is perhaps the most important requirement of education institutions, demanding the platform to be flexbile. We have therefore designed our digital backbone to be flexible, adaptable and customizable. The platform’s potential is maximized by customization and our experienced tech team will help solve any specific module requirement or any kind of modification.

Induction and Training

Entrar tech ensures systematic and sustained transition of the platform to its key stakeholders, by efficient and fast data migration, stakeholder training and induction, ensuring that all users maximize the functions besides being comfortable to operate.

Team Support

Entrar is deployed on a robust safe and secure cloud based environments with strong firewalls and reliable systems. Our relationship team is available through offline and online mediums for any technical support 24x7. After all, the operational backbone needs continuous monitoring.


We work with the latest in technology, monitor user feedback and keep track of the evolving education ecosystem constantly. Upgrades to existing modules, development of new modules, improved UI design are carried out continously.