1. Entrar@School

A tried and tested comprehensive School Management ERP that seamlessly integrates all functions and roles. Developed in partnership with a leading national group of schools this platform has advanced over the past decade by continuous up-gradation, constant feedback from di

Schools will find the seamless connectivity of important tasks of admissions, academics and overall administration very useful resulting in having a positive impact on the overall learning outcome of students. The key flexibility with this School Management Software is its ability to integrate with other specialized apps comes as a great advantage over others.

2. Admission Management

The most important and time intensive task for an education institution is to manage the admission process. School Management Software is more than just filling an application form and submitting it to the front desk.

Today the technology is advanced to start this process from lead generation in social media where the institution pitches itself to prospective candidates and understands responses in a structured way, engages the prospect and manages the selection process in a systematic manner and which can be done completely online.

3. Campus Security

Every education institution today is aware and concerned about having a secure and safe environment that ensures that every student across all age groups pursue their academic learning peacefully with confidence. Hence a School ERP is needed by small and large educational institutions to manage their visitors in a way that it is structured, well documented and robust. A great sense of reassurance for parents entrusting the safety of their child on the education institution.

4. School Transport Management

Education institutions rely a lot on a fleet of buses to transport students to and fro throughout the day, safely and on time. The operationally intense nature means institutions have independent departments managing a fleet of buses where the responsibility ranges from fleet maintenance, to route management, driver assignment, live tracking of every bus and a lot more.

Top 10 Comprehensive School Management Software with FMS application are a boon to makes this operation smooth and effective. Reducing the number of variables intrinsic to the nature of the operation.

5. Student Learning Management System

Comprehensive Top School Management Software incorporate a extensively functional student LMS which is central to the digitizing the academic process where the offline and on line merge and make learning a continuous real time process.

It not only consolidated the academic tools and aids but also is a channel for real time communication, after school practice and resource bank. A system that keeps track of the curriculum while making topic wise assignment submission and assessment convenient and paperless.

6. Hostel Management Software

Gone are the days where a hostel operated completely offline under the supervision of a Sr Warden. While the Warden continuous to play an important role even today but now armed with tech application that makes managing a hostel smooth and convenient.

Assigning rooms, managing occupancy, security management, canteen , inventory management, and host of allied operations are automated today. School Management Software that have hostel management modules are among the top 10

7. Online Classes

Online meetings and webinars were very much part of the private and public exchanges. However, post covid the need to have a secure, dedicated platform for conducting online classes became acute. The technology here is customized to the requirement of a classroom environment. Private and secure, the tutor has the digital controls to manage and conduct the class smoothly and in an engaging manner.

Online classes are helpful to take remedial classes, special or extra classes after school hours or on weekends without having to stay back or travel to school on weekends. Top 10 School Management Platforms have online live class feature as integral.

8. AI Enabled Proctoring

The benefit and convenience of online examination has been appreciated by all education institutions. Students from far away places do not have to travel long distances to attend an admission test without being sure of the admissions.

Offline arrangement to schedule and accommodate students can be an operational drain on resources. Advanced AI enabled proctoring ensures that exams are conducted in a fair and controlled environment. The AI engine is smart to detect any anomaly or deviation and alerts the examiner instantly. School Management Software having this feature takes examination to the next level.

9. E Learning

With intense competition in the academic world students are constantly exploring to expand their knowledge and also test their understanding with the help of practice tests.

E Learning content software are a great aid to enhance the conceptual understanding of a topic, expand and develop depth and present multiple ways of practical application of a theoretical concept. School ERP integration with learning content makes the platform complete.

10. Alumni Management

Educational institutions are more than centers of academic learning and activity. They are a place of social bonding, meeting different people, and a journey which is long and is a part of the most important stage of life.

Education institutions tap into the vast alumni to nurture and preserve this connection between batches and groups and also to be a source of experiential learning for later batches. A comprehensive alumni management ensures not just all this but more by taking this to the next level for being among the top 10 School Management Software.