Is Changing & Upgrading to a new school management software difficult ?

Schools having an existing school management software and considering to change or upgrade to a new platform often postpone the decision to do so due to several misconceptions and perhaps driven by the approach why change when it ain't broke

But what really concerns many educational institutions is the fear of data loss, complexity of the process in place, accuracy issues and the overall implementation being time consuming. Perhaps this is a natural response from an educational institution given that few ERP firms have taken the pain of explaining the process and hand holding the change with adequate service support.

There is also the factor of data comfort which essentially is a sense that data is safe and secure in an existing system and a shift is wrought with risk and loss it is natural for an educational institution to be concerned as the data residing with them is confidential, has a direct impact on the student's future and any loss or leak makes it come under the lens of the data privacy laws.

It is imperative that educational institutions need to demand from the new ERP partners a robust process and commitment that will ensure that the process of data migration is robust and carried out with due diligence.

3 fundamental points to consider when changing or shifting your school management software

  1. Systematic and structured methodology to migrate the existing data that is smooth, seamless and cent per cent accurate with complete privacy being maintained at the tech backend. It goes without saying necessary data backup system is a must
  2. Testing and trial of the new ERP data sufficiently ahead of the public release with checks and measures to verity the transfer and validate the safety and accuracy of the data migration
  3. Training and induction of the users which will ensure re learning and familiarity with the new Ul Addressing any human issues as an outcome of the interaction with the new platform is crucial, Carry out the necessary customizations to make sure system adapts to the school's specific requirements.

Changing or upgrading to new school ERP should be just like installing and uninstalling a new app on your mobile but just making sure the data teed and migration is done smoothly and thoroughly