As a school starts to discover the advantages of having a school management software, the search begins for identifying the right platform. Extensive research, demos are needed to finalize one, after all it is the backbone of the school' administration.

Here are 5 key points that schools should use it to evaluate the software under consideration.


A school is a complex environment consisting of different stakeholder carrying out daily a multitude of tasks which are interconnected in some way or the other Try to deploy a School ERP that does most of your tasks from admissions to academics to administration seamlessly.


A school management platform is likely to be used by different kind of users with different usage requirements, varying degrees of tech savviness, belong to different age groups, carry out assorted tasks All this means the Ul is very important for the platform to be utilized well.


While most of the School ERP systems will be functionally similar more less, the extent of integration determines its usefulness for decision making at the management level. This is where a good ERP gives data feed regitime, generates reports and enables smoother functioning.


Schools are similar and dissimilar in many ways. While an off the shell ERP will be affordable, it may have limitations which can be observed only on deployment Lack of modification or customization may make the system sub optimal Always consider the aspect of customization that aligns with your school's overall academic and administration approach.


Unlike most SAAS based software, school ERP required continues tech support which not only takes care of continuous training and induction of users but is available when there is a crunch Example you need to move to an online platform overnight or having to do the last minute change in your examination management module adapting to changes in the cumculum etc. You need a tech partner capable and reliable to support you 24x7.