Changing times have brought with it a certain set of worries for the parents, while their child is traveling from home to school and back. Entrar Bus Tracking helps the parent and the school management to track the location of the school bus on real time basis.
Parents/ students on their app can track the bus in the morning and time their bus arrival to avoid unnecessary wait time at the bus stop.
As soon as the child board’s the bus and taps the NFC enabled ID Card on the device in the bus, the parent will get an alert/ notification about the time and place of boarding the bus.
When the child boards the bus while leaving the school, the parent will get an alert and notification.
The parents can track the school bus on a real time basis and as soon as the child reaches/ deboards the bus another notification is sent to the parents.
Entrar Bus Tracking will enable the school authorities to track each child on board the school bus, while providing a sigh of relief to the parents who can now be assured of their child’s safety.

Features of Transport Track Management