School Management Software

ENTRAR ERP is an End-to-End School Management Software to streamline administration processes, make teaching seamless and simplify student management. We offer an all in one cloud based solution to manage all school operations with one click. This enables the institution to accomplish multiple tasks and reduce manual work. The quick and easy set up considerably reduces the downtime in workflow and increases efficiency. The simplistic UI and navigation makes it easy for even the beginner to use Entrar.

Entrar School Management Software is most comprehensive and integrated School ERP.

We understand that every institute’s data and information is sensitive and needs to be handled with utmost care, therefore we guarantee complete privacy and security of data being uploaded on the platform.
While we offer customized solutions for any specific requirements given below is the list of primary modules we offer.


Registration & Admission Management

Through this module we digitize the Registration and Admission process.

Registration for the admission process is simplified by an online registration and tracking facility for obtaining the institute prospectus, results for written/ oral tests, fee receipts and conversion of selected candidate's record into admission.

This module simplifies the complete admission process, online as well as offline including the form filling procedure, relevant document submission, admission fee and admission confirmation.

Student Master Information

This module enables the authorities to get all the information about the student with just a single click. It stores information about each student, right from his Birth records, Address, Parent/ Guardian details, Class details, Transport details, Academic information including health records etc.

Student/Parent/Teacher Portal

Students/ Parents/ Teachers can login from the desktop, it's a common interactive way for stakeholders to view, share and communicate relevant information, including any announcement, newsletter etc.

Here teachers can hold live classes, plan lessons, manage timetables etc, students can study online, attend live sessions, be updated about the homework, interact with peers, while parents can keep a track of their child’s overall performance.

iOS & Android Mobile application

Students/ Parents/ Teachers can login from any device, be it an android phone, IOS or an i-pad, all they need to do is download the free ENTRAR Application from their device’s App store, and use their respective login details provided by the institute. They can carry out almost every function that a desktop portal enables them to.

Management/ Admin/ Teacher Dashboard

This module allows the respective stakeholders to view the real time master information and to track day-to-day activities being conducted in the school, pertaining to their job role.

Communication (SMS/Email & Push Notification)

This module enables automatic delivery of SMS and E-mail which consists of important information regarding the institute communication system. Be it announcement of an upcoming PTA, sports day or any other relevant information.

Digital Diary

Parents/ students/ staff will be kept updated about their academic performance and related information like homework, assignment, mock tests, remarks, attendance and overview. It aims at reducing the communication gap between parents, students, teachers and institute management.

Announcements and Notifications

Through this module the Admin portal can keep parents/ students/ staff informed about upcoming events, news, examinations and other activities of the institute.

Fee Management

This Module manages all online and offline Fee Payment systems efficiently. Multiple receipt books, payment methods, online payment gateway integration with credit card/debit card/net banking are some of the salient features. It also has simple and easy reporting formats which includes due, overdue, receipts, and cancellations if any.

ID Card/ Smart Card (Printing)

This module helps in generating NFC enabled ID Cards for the students. ID cards are generated from the details provided by the school along with the photograph of the student. These will contain all the necessary information of the students.
These can be generated for teachers and other staff members as well.

Time Table Management

This module can generate the time table of an institution automatically by the click of a button. Availability of drag and drop features simplifies the process of editing a time table. Class/ course/ teacher/ resource wise time table listings are available. This module also manages substitutions and substitution history. The time tables can be published to the student application.

Transport Management

This Module stores all the details of school vehicle records, Driver details, Routes Details and Routes wise student details. It also generates Route wise alerts which are sent in the form of sms or notification on the app to the parents.

Attendance Management

This module besides managing student attendance can also manage the teachers and staff attendance as well. It allows the attendance to be marked Manually, Biometrics and NFC/ RFID enabled Smart Cards.
This module manages Student/ Staff Leave Allocation, Daily Attendance and parents will be informed incase of absence.

Homework & Online Assignment

This module enables the teachers to assign homework online, while students can submit their assignments online along with attachments, the teachers can check the homework and assignment online itself.

Assessment/Report Card

This module enables the institution to generate the progress report based on the curriculum followed by each school/ institution. The report cards can be customized based on the various school boards like CBSE, IB, ICSE, IGCSE and State Board etc.

Online/Mock test

This module enables the teachers to conduct online mock tests. These can be conducted for students before final exams to practice or conducted online as revision tests anytime to ensure that the concepts explained in class are understood by the students.

Library Management

This module allows the School library to run efficiently through a comprehensive dashboard, for both offline and online systems, including issuance and return of books, fines for late submission.
It allows Auto Filling of Book Details Using ISBN Online and this module can also be integrated with the e-resource library.

Infirmary Management

Infirmary management consists of the health records of all the students including the Blood Group or any other allergies. This information is useful in case the child visits the infirmary.
The system is also capable of providing SMS/ E-Mail notifications to parents/ guardians about the child’s visit to infirmary.

Election & Poll Management

This module allows the students to elect their head boy, head girl, sports captain, house captain etc. through online voting, using their login credentials.

Entrar Form

Entrar Form module works on the lines of Google forms,to collect any information from time to time required by school/institution.

HR, Payroll & Teacher Appraisal

This module allows the institution to manage its payroll system for all its employees including hiring, managing the leave records, any deductions (i.e PT, PF, TDS, etc) and processing the monthly payroll.
Teacher appraisal system enables the school to manage yearly appraisal for all the employees based on their performance.

Inventory Management

This module helps to record and integrate purchase and replenishment of school assets including consumables, vehicles, machines, books, lab items, stationery and any other fixed assets.

Image & Video Gallery

This module is a constant feature on the Entrar App where students / staff / Parents can view photographs of all the latest school events being held. This also is a repository of all the school events that take place. One can scroll through the photographs and view previous events held.

Report & Document Generation

We understand that Entrar ERP has various modules and keeping a track of each one can be cumbersome activity for the management, therefore we will power your institute with regular Reports of each module, eg - Admission report, Fee Collection report, Attendance report, Grade wise/ Section wise Student report, Teaching /Non-teaching Staff report, etc. This module also helps generate documents, such as Study Certificates, Bonafide certificate, Transfer Certificate, School leaving certificate, recommendation letter etc.


Alumni management module will keep track of all those who left the institute in the past. You can communicate with the alumni on the latest news and updates from both sides.